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I had pain at the right side of my buttocks that had been going on for four years.  The pain occasionally made it so I could hardly walk.  I had previously tried a lot of other treatments such as physical and rehab therapy without help.  Since receiving five prolotherapy treatments from Dr. Bankole I am totally pain free.  Thank you for all of your work. 

Jeffrey Lewis


The beginning of August 2012 I had surgery for colon cancer.  The cancer had spread to my liver and in December 2012 I had 40% of my liver removed.  Being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer I tried one round of chemotherapy but it made me severely ill.  The oncologist told me may cancer would return if I didn’t have continue.  I decided that my life is about quality of life so I sought other treatment options. 

In February I learned about treating cancer with Vitamin C IV’s along with change in diet and daily supplements.  I am being treated to fight cancer naturally.  It has been a year since my original diagnosis of colon cancer and am happy to report I am tumor free and my cancer markers are normal.  Most important I am strong and healthy!

I love the atmosphere of INMC and the attention given by Dr. Bankole and his staff.  I trust the regime that I am following.  Every day I feel better and I believe that I will be one of the long term survivors. 

Candy Stegman

I have been a patient of Dr. Preston's for six months for thyroid and hormonal issues and overall health.  I am delighted with her!! She is very caring, responsive and knowledgeable.  She has been able to address my total health issues.  I am feeling much more balanced in health and energy.  Inland Naturopathic Medical Center is an asset to my health.

Lorna Lindstrom,                                                                                                        

Riverside, CA

I came to see Dr. Ayo Bankole at the INMC when I found out I was a candidate for cancer surgery.  I had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in May of 2005..... and had five years of various chemo and radiation treatments.  My oncologist informed me that there were no chemo drugs left to treat the new tumor on my left adrenal gland and surgery was my only option left.

My wife and I read about IV Vitamin C treatments and found Dr. Bankole.  He is very knowledgeable and professional.  He explains every aspect of the treatments, including the vitamin supplements he prescribed for my special needs. 

My surgery was successful and I healed very quickly due to the Vitamin C and the supplements Dr. Bankole prescribed.  We feel my immune system has been greatly improved and I am now in remission.  We also feel the Vitamin C has helped prevent the cancer cells from spreading. 

Thank you Dr. Bankole

Jerry Walker,                                                                                                                                            

Corona, CA

In this day and age when traditional medicine can only offer you pills or surgery that often times do not work, make you worse or force you to take more pills to counter the side effects of the first medication; it is nice to have a resource and someone to go to that offers natural treatment that actually works.  I am very pleased to have found Dr. Bankole; someone that can offer safe and natural treatment that I have had the pleasure of experiencing first hand.  I, myself, am a physical therapist and a board certified orthopedic specialist. I also compete in track and field as a master’s athlete. 

During a training session in the fall of 2008 I twisted my knee resulting in immediate and excruciating pain.  I performed the normal conservative care than I would administer to my own patients and began to rehab my knee as I knew best.  Several months went by with no improvement at all.  I continued to have great pain with any squatting or bending movements and going up and down stairs was challenge.

In my studies in school, I had a brief introduction to prolotherapy and it’s uses in medicine for stabilizing joints and healing tissue damage.  Given my current injury, I knew if I went to a traditional physician, they would offer me medicine and/or surgery; neither of which was an option for me.  So I searched for a local practitioner that offered prolotherapy and luckily found Dr. Bankole.  I was very impressed upon meeting with him in regards to his professionalism and in-depth analysis of not just my current complaint, but my entire history. 

He felt prolotherapy would be a viable treatment for me and we went ahead with my first treatment.  Within a week after my first treatment, the pain in my knee had reduced by at least 70%!  I was astonished to say the least.  I continued with two additional treatments of prolotherapy and am happy to say that my knee is as strong now as it has ever been.  Best of all, it is pain free!  I can run, jump and do all the things that I demand of my knee.  Without Dr. Bankole and his treatment I would not have been able to continue my athletic endeavors and earn first place finishes in both the Southern California and Western Regional Master’s Track and Field Championships in my event. 

Thank you Dr. Bankole!

Daniel Kirk, PT, MPT, OCS
Physical Therapist
Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

One aspect of Dr. Bankole that I have appreciated since our family first began to see him, is his concern for his patients and his thoroughness.  His concern for my health issues has led to a very positive change.

For the past ten years, my weight has been problematic.  While I have not had many weight problems previously, the last decade has led to a tremendous weight gain.  I was becoming worried that I would never be able to take off the excess weight. 

In sharing my circumstances with Dr. Bankole, he told me a solution to my weight problem.  I  attended an informational evening at his office and determined that this would be a program for me.  After consideration of my health, fatigue, possible thyroid issues, and high blood pressure, Dr. Bankole provided me with a program tailored to my needs.  That very night I started the program.  I wasn't prepared for was how relatively easy the program was and how soon changes would become apparent. 

Within a week, I had begun a distinct trajectory to weight loss.  I lost ten pounds the first month.  In less than 5 months I had lost 30 pounds and had gone down about 3 dress sizes.  The inches seemed to melt off as I followed the program!  I decided not to buy a lot of new clothes and instead had fun getting back into my favorite 'skinny' clothes.

The program was clear in what I was to eat. While my family didn't eat the same quantity of food I ate, they enjoyed the same food, so preparation was simple and effortless.  Whenever I felt twinges of hunger, there were the packets taken four times daily in water, tea, or coffee.  The packets alleviated my hunger pangs.  It was not difficult to adhere to the program as I began to gain energy, and lose weight and inches consistently.

It was encouraging to hear my friends and family take notice of my new shape.  One friend said with a smile:  "Wendy, you are disappearing!" 

The weight loss was accompanied by increased energy, lower blood pressure, and greatly improved BMI.  One of the highlights of the program was hearing Dr. Bankole and his office assistants provide so much positive and encouraging support each week.  Dr. Bankole always mentioned that I now have the tools to maintain weight-loss. 

I am very thankful that Dr. Bankole helped me to lose weight.  His program is straight-forward, can improve the eating habits of household members, and allows - no encourages, eating healthy foods in the right quantities.  I would expect nothing less from Dr. Bankole.

Wendy Keedy
Riverside, CA

I have had wonderful results with Naturopathic Medicine.  I had severe problems with allergies and my menstrual cycle.  The dietary changes and medicines that Dr. Bankole prescribed have helped me so much.  I feel like a new person!

Michelle Ballard
Riverside, CA

I saw Dr. Bankole because I had been taking prescription anti-depressants for over 10 yrs. and wanted to take a more natural approach to my anxiety issues.  My evaluation with Dr. Bankole was very thorough and he started me on some natural supplements immediately. On my follow-up appointments he would make adjustments as needed, and always had a secondary plan in place in case my treatment wasn’t working. I am now functioning well without the side-effects of prescription drugs.

I also had a fungal infection on my fingernail for over 2 yrs. and had tried several antidotes but nothing worked. Dr. Bankole mixed an anti-funal tincture for it and after about 6 months the infection was gone!

I am so grateful to Dr. Bankole for helping me to improve my physical and emotional health. He and his staff are professional, friendly and helpful.

Christine Michalski
Norco, CA

To make a long story short, I had a Staph infection and blood poisoning on July 22, 2008.  I of course went to the emergency department for treatment.  I received two antibiotics and a blood poison shot.  I was well within three days and thought that was the end of my problems. 

But two weeks later I started laving lots of problems that lasted for five months.  I have had about ten different side effects that were caused by the antibiotics.  I kept going to my doctor, but all he wanted to do was write my more prescriptions.  I refused to take them and nothing else was done. 

I found Dr. Bankole on the internet.  He was close enough so I made an appointment.  He has made me feel as good as I had before all the other stuff happened.  AND NO SIDE EFFECTS.  Also, I told him about a few things that had been bothering me for some time.  The other doctors did nothing to help, and it seemed I just had to learn to live with the pain.  Well that is not true,  with all natural treatments, most of the pain I have had to live with for many years is now gone. 

I’m telling anyone who will listen just how great is to be able to do thing now that I could not do before, because of the pain.  And how relieved I am to feel that the side effects of the antibiotics are being flused from my body with al natural items.  I am 72 years old and better than I’ve felt in years, thanks to Dr. Bankole. 

Wanda Mangum,
Riverside, CA

I have spent a lot of money trying different vitamins.  I wasted years of time and effort with HMO doctors trying to explain my symptoms with zero results. Not only were they not helpful, but they were condescending. The last thing a very sick person needs is to be ridiculed. My work was suffering, my friends and family thought I was crazy, and I was living a life of chronic fatigue and pain. My seemingly endless list of symptoms made sense to no one else but Dr. Bankole.  

Dr. Bankole spent time listening to me, asking very specific questions, and making sure to get every detail of what I was feeling at the time.  Dr. Bankole saved me money by me not spending on things that were a waste.  He also gave me options to suit my needs and provided me with choices, something I never had before.  I am sleeping better, my pain has subsided, and I am more energetic. Everyone around me has noticed the difference. Those who laughed at me for going to a Naturopathic Doctor are now in awe. I still can’t believe people have such a hard time grasping the concept of natural healing. We are natural beings; it only makes sense to treat us the same way.

I feel human again, rather than like some government science project. I cannot thank Dr. Bankole enough for being there for me and so many others. I have learned so much from him and he has changed my life. Dr. Bankole is a great friend, a wonderful person, and a fantastic doctor.

Crystal Basoco,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I suffered gout attacks for over 15 years, having mild to excruciating pain.  I've seen four M.D.'s and the standard protocol of drugs and more drugs.  None of these drugs would get to the root or cause of the problem.  I could have seen 20 M.D.’s but they all have the same cure – none!  People like myself put off seeing a Naturopathic Doctor because "it's not covered by insurance". We spend $300+ for new tires for the car, we'll buy some new furniture and spend $500+ on new golf clubs, clothes, ect, ect.  None of this is "covered by insurance.” 

Naturopathic treatment costs much less.  The best decision I made was seeing Doctor Bankole, N.D.  His treatment was to the cause of the condition.  "What causing this?" was his search.  After the first visit he modified my diet, made up a tincture to drink and with one follow up visit, I have had NO SIGN of any gout attacks in two years!  I would tell anyone to see a Naturopathic Doctor if they want to be cured of any condition.  It's the new/old cure to sickness.

Ron DeCicco,
Riverside, CA

When I first came to Dr. Ayo Bankole for prolotherapy, I was not really walking. I was dragging myself and those feeble, tiny steps were so extremely painful that the image of a wheel chair kept looming in my mind. During the first days and even weeks after the first treatment, one has to force oneself to believe that prolotherapy will truly work and that the pain will eventually go away. However, after the second treatment, relatives and friends were already commenting about the ease in which I walked. 

Instead of going up staircases on all fours, I began to go up one step at a time. After two more treatments, I could go up one stair after the other in an uninterrupted sequence.   Prolotherapy forces one to understand how marvelously we are made. 

The change is fantastic. Yesterday I went swimming! Dr. Bankole was able to give me only five treatments because I have movied out of the  country. He has given me botanicals, supplements and a set of exercises. Now I will allow  nature to take its course. I feel so much more in control of my legs and can trust them to move me around.  I used to have to concentrate in order not to fall which made me insecure. These treatments have given me confidence. 

Marina Rivera,
Guatamala, Central America/Montclair, CA

In December of 2006; at 60 years old, I unexpectedly began experiencing a great amount of pain in my right hip, right knee and both shoulders due to arthritis.  It was bad enough that I had a difficult time sleeping and I was limping badly.  I had heard of the benefits of prolotherapy, so I located Dr. Bankole on-line and made an appointment to start treatment.  

After six treatments on both my right knee and right hip I began walking normally again with no pain.  The treatment for my shoulder  took a bit longer because of a partial rotator cuff tear and tendonitis from an old sports injury.  My shoulders are now pain-free and I have resumed most of my former activities such as swimming one-half mile a day in my new lap pool.  The benefits of prolotherapy were enormous for me and it can do the same for anyone who wants to have healing and relief from pain.

Douglas Quine
Victorville, CA

My right shoulder developed limited range of motion in 2003 and became painfully debilitating by early Spring of 2007.  My dental practice was in jeopardy.  After a bad knee surgery, I would not consider it for my shoulder.  Dr Curtis Casady directed me to Dr. Bankole and prolotherapy.  After two sessions I regained 75% range of motion.  I expect a full recovery following my subsequent sessions.  I recommend Dr. Bankole and prolotherapy routinely. 

Dr. Robert Matheson, DDS
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Dr. Bankole, 

Thank you for your kindness and concern, plus your educational and informative discussions.  May I express my appreciation for your insight, direction and input, they have been incredibly helpful in bringing answers to re-balance my system.  The longer our acquaintance, the more I realize how knowledgeable you are in so many areas.  I am truly grateful for your help.


With Gratitude,

Adele Oddo
Yorba Linda, CA

Dear Dr. Bankole,

Thank you so much, it's incredible how quickly you've been able to help me move from being someone in chronic pain with occasional attacks to feeling totally physically fine!  I believe if I didn't find you when I did, I might not have a gallbladder today!  Thank you so much.

With much fondness,

Kim Crayne
Upland, CA