What Our Patients Are Saying

Cancer Care

“I learned about treating cancer with Vitamin C IV’s along with change in diet and daily supplements. It has been a year since my original diagnosis of colon cancer and am happy to report I am tumor free and my cancer markers are normal. Most important I am strong and healthy!”

Candy Stegman

“My surgery was successful and I healed very quickly due to the IV Vitamin C and the supplements Dr. Bankole prescribed. We feel my immune system has been greatly improved and I am now in remission. We also feel the Vitamin C has helped prevent the cancer cells from spreading.”

Jerry Walker



“After a few treatments I felt the stability in the joint return, reducing swelling and pain following physical activity. I went from not being able to walk, to being able to run and enjoy the physical activities I love to do!”

Darnell Ferguson, Professional Body Builder

“I had pain at the right side of my buttocks that had been going on for four years. The pain occasionally made it so I could hardly walk. I had previously tried a lot of other treatments such as physical and rehab therapy without help. Since receiving five prolotherapy treatments from Dr. Bankole I am totally pain free.”

Jeffrey Lewis

“Within a week after my first treatment, the pain in my knee had reduced by at least 70%! I was astonished to say the least. I continued with two additional treatments of prolotherapy and am happy to say that my knee is as strong now as it has ever been. Best of all, it is pain free! I can run, jump and do all the things that I demand of my knee. Without Dr. Bankole and his treatment I would not have been able to continue my athletic endeavors and earn first place finishes in both the Southern California and Western Regional Master’s Track and Field Championships in my event.”

Daniel Kirk, PT, MPT, OCS
Physical Therapist
Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

“When I first came to Dr. Ayo Bankole for prolotherapy, I was not really walking. I was dragging myself and those feeble, tiny steps were extremely painful. After the second treatment, relatives and friends were already commenting about the ease in which I walked.
The change is fantastic. Yesterday I went swimming! I feel so much more in control of my legs and can trust them to move me around. I used to have to concentrate in order not to fall which made me insecure. These treatments have given me confidence.”

Marina Rivera

“After six treatments on both my right knee and right hip I began walking normally again with no pain. My shoulders are now pain-free and I have resumed most of my former activities such as swimming one-half mile a day in my new lap pool. The benefits of prolotherapy were enormous for me and it can do the same for anyone who wants to have healing and relief from pain.”

Douglas Quine

“After two sessions I regained 75% range of motion. I expect a full recovery following my subsequent sessions. I recommend Dr. Bankole and Prolotherapy routinely.”

Dr. Robert Matheson, DDS
Rancho Cucamonga, C

“Thanks to you I was able to hike all around lovely Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens with no knee pain!”

Catherine Alford

“There has been no knee pain since the first round of injections. Now, after Prolotherapy, my knee is much more stable with no buckling or slippage from side to side. The benefits I’ve noticed definitely exceeded my expectations! Also, great people to work with at the center!”

Lila Schram

“I am completely blown away by the results of Prolotherapy. I had been dealing with excruciating neck pain for 5 months. Between my 2nd and 3rd Prolotherapy treatment, I was 95% better. After my 3rd treatment, I am pain free! Prior to treatment I was living on pain meds, was still in constant pain and getting depressed. Now I am healed and couldn’t be happier.”

Ashley Basso

General Health

“I’m telling anyone who will listen just how great is to be able to do things now that I could not do before because of the pain. I am 72 years old and feel better than I’ve felt in years, thanks to Dr. Bankole.”

Wanda Mangum

“I am so grateful to Dr. Bankole for helping me to improve my physical and emotional health. He and his staff are professional, friendly and helpful.”

Christine Michalski

“I was living a life of chronic fatigue and pain. My seemingly endless list of symptoms made sense to no one else but Dr. Bankole. I am sleeping better, my pain has subsided, and I am more energetic. Everyone around me has noticed the difference. I feel human again. I cannot thank Dr. Bankole enough.”

Crystal Basoco

“The best decision I made was seeing Doctor Bankole, N.D. After the first visit he modified my diet, made up a tincture to drink and with one follow up visit, I have had NO SIGN of any gout attacks in two years! I would tell anyone to see a Naturopathic Doctor if they want to be cured of any condition.”

Ron DeCicco

“It’s incredible how quickly you’ve been able to help me move from being someone in chronic pain with occasional attacks to feeling totally physically fine! I believe if I didn’t find you when I did, I might not have a gallbladder today!”

Kim Crayne

Weight Loss

“In less than five months I had lost 30 pounds and had gone down about 3 dress sizes. The inches seemed to melt off as I followed the program! Dr. Bankole always mentioned that I now have the tools to maintain weight-loss.”

Wendy Keedy

“I am so grateful to Dr. Bankole, when no other doctors could or would helped me for years, he gave me hope and turned my life around. After a few months I can happily say that thanks to him, I am finally enjoying my life. Dr Bankole put me on their Bio-Balance Health & Slimming System and it’s working wonderfully for me. Everybody there is awesome and I appreciate all their help and support. Thank you all.”

Adriana Calichio

Intravenous Therapy

“Dr. Ayo Bankole is my most favorite Naturopathic doctor. He is very caring, knowledgeable and thorough. Love my Myer’s drip.”

Cecilia Alvarado