Feel your best, naturally.

Get to the root cause of your problem to gain the health you deserve.

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Enjoy unrushed visits with doctors who listen.

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Follow a personalized plan that produces results.

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Go beyond symptom management and heal.

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Sound familiar?

Most conventional doctor visits can get from “what’s wrong” to “here’s a medication that can help” in four minutes or less.

Unfortunately, too many people battling fatigue, debilitating pain, weight gain, and chronic illnesses are stuck in a revolving door of conventional medicine. They end up with a cabinet full of drugs that help mask their symptoms but aren’t getting any closer to healing.

At Inland Naturopathic Medical Center, we believe that achieving true health and wellness requires a different path. It starts with our team listening to your needs, believing you when you say something is wrong, and spending the time it takes to uncover the true culprit of your concerns. From there, we build and implement an integrative plan aimed at getting you better once and for all.


Your health is your greatest asset.


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Book a complimentary call.

We’ll start with a short call to understand the tip of the iceberg. If we’re confident we can help, we’ll invite you to the office so we can talk at greater length.

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Get a straightforward plan.

During your initial wellness consultation, we’ll review and recommend your personalized wellness strategy. Your approach is led by our licensed naturopathic doctors and includes visits, health coaching, labs, and supplements.

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Live your best life.

With clear answers about what is causing your symptoms and a thoughtful strategy to overcome the problem, you can expect measurable results and a team relentlessly devoted to your wellness.

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“I was living a life of chronic fatigue and pain. My seemingly endless list of symptoms made sense to no one else but Dr. Bankole. I am sleeping better, my pain has subsided, and I am more energetic. Everyone around me has noticed the difference. I feel human again. I cannot thank Dr. Bankole enough.”

– Crystal Basoco

“I learned about treating cancer with Vitamin C IVs along with change in diet and daily supplements. It has been a year since my original diagnosis of colon cancer and am happy to report I am tumor-free and my cancer markers are normal. Most importantly, I am strong and healthy!”

– Candy Stegman

You don’t have to settle for subpar solutions.

After practicing for more than fifteen years and helping hundreds of people find meaningful solutions to pain, fatigue, and chronic diseases, our team is committed to helping you get the care and guidance you need to achieve ultimate health and wellness.

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Cancer Care


Detoxification & Cleansing


Intravenous Therapies


Skin Health


Regenerative Injection Therapy




Heart Wellness


Hormone Therapy


Women's Health


Laboratory Testing & Diagnostics

We can’t wait to celebrate your success. In the meantime..

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost of our wellness approach varies based on each individual’s needs. We offer different payment plans and financing to fit your budget. Please book a complimentary call for more information.

What conditions do you treat?

Our doctors focus on treating gastrointestinal disorders, imbalances of the thyroid and other hormones, diseases of the cardiovascular system, conditions of the skin, environmental toxicity, individuals with cancer, autoimmune conditions and musculoskeletal injuries and pain. We provide men’s and women’s health, care for children and we treat most conditions. Schedule your complimentary call to discover how we can help you.

How long does care last?

Each care plan is customized to the individual, but you can expect to see lasting results in 3-9 months.

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Get your life back.

If painful symptoms, lack of energy, and dependency on prescription drugs are robbing you of the lifestyle you crave, we believe you deserve better.

Let’s go beyond the typical doctor-patient model and reach your goals, naturally.