Your Path to Health and Longevity

Mission Statement:

Inland Naturopathic Medical Center’s purpose is to provide the highest standard in integrative and alternative health, along with exceptional service, to reduce the burden of disease, so individuals can live their fullest lives.

Vision Statement:

Inland Naturopathic Medical Center’s vision is to shift the conversation and the paradigm of health care from one that is based on symptom suppression and is pharmaceutical centered, to one that places patients at the center and addresses the root cause of illness.

Health and Vitality through our all-inclusive Wellness Programs

Your Path to Health and Longevity

Begin Your Wellness Journey Today

Our focus is on helping you achieve health and vitality through our all-inclusive, doctor-designed wellness programs. We integrate several components into our programs to ensure you reach your health goals.  They include:  health re-education through our comprehensive curriculum; detailed health evaluation along with laboratory testing and diagnostics to evaluate metabolic markers, nutritional deficiencies, advanced cardiac markers, environmental toxins, and hormones as needed.  Your customized program imbalances, toxicities, and deficiencies with diet, lifestyle, nutrition, supplementation, and exercise to address the root cause of illness.  Ongoing doctor visits help you stay on track with your progress and goals, along with private health coaching for the right level of inspiration and guidance.  Begin your wellness today.  To learn more about our approach we encourage you to attend one of our free live seminars. Call 909-981-9200 now to reserve your seat.