Heart Wellness

Heart health is more than having normal cholesterol.

Heart disease continues to be the number one killer in America, men and women alike. And while prescription medications for lowering blood pressure, reducing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol are helpful for these conditions, they’ve proven ineffectual in reducing the overall mortality rate of heart disease. Consider that up to 50% of individuals who suffer a heart attack actually have normal cholesterol levels. That’s why optimal heart wellness requires identifying and treating standard and novel risk factors. Our doctors’ approach includes investigating and treating early inflammation, subtle signs of heart weakness and strain patterns, and genetic mutations. As for cholesterol, we look not only at the levels of your “good” and “bad” cholesterol but also, and more importantly, we measure the size of your cholesterol particles and institute therapies based on these findings.

The heart beats about 100,000 times each day, never resting and therefore needs an endless supply of oxygen and nutrients to function optimally. That’s why your doctor will give particular consideration to the nutritional needs of your heart to optimize your treatment.

Some of the heart conditions we treat:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Coronary heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Heart attack prevention
  • Post heart attack treatment

Our approach to heart wellness:

  • Nutrients to optimize heart energy
  • EDTA chelation therapy
  • Specialized cardiovascular and genetic testing
  • Amino acid, antioxidant and botanical therapy

Cardiac ChelationTM

Chelating agent combined with magnesium and B-vitamins to decrease oxidative damage, toxic metals and inflammation for improved arterial health and cardiac function.
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*chelating agents are administered only after a medical evaluation and laboratory testing.