Oxymel: The Honey, Vinegar, Garlic Remedy from your Kitchen


Oxymel is an ideal home remedy for both adults and kids for the cold and flu season. It’s a mixture of honey, water and vinegar, boiled into a syrup, and can be mixed with your favorite herbs or spices. Honey and garlic have anti-microbial benefits. Garlic has terrific health benefits including maintaining a healthy digestive and respiratory tract. Long before it was touted as a remedy for blood sugar control apple cider vinegar was used for beating bad bugs back and healing sore throats.

Oxymel Recipe
1 cup honey- locally sourced if possible
1 cup apple cider vinegar- raw & organic
2 cups water
8 cloves of fresh garlic- chopped, mashed, pressed or grated and set aside for 10 minutes, this should probably be your first step in preparation.
To get the full benefit of garlic, it should be cut 10 minutes before it’s cooked. This is to activate allicin, its most active ingredient. So “press and rest”.
In a saucepan, heat apple cider vinegar and water for 10 minutes on low heat (can let steep with your favorite herbs like rosemary or sage).
Add prepared garlic to saucepan and let steep on low heat for 60 minutes. (Strain off garlic if you wish).
Add honey to saucepan and stir. Pour in glass jar and you are finished. This home remedy can be kept at room temperature or refrigerated.

How to use Oxymel:
Take 2 tablespoons every 2-3 hours when you are feeling a little congested or feeling the sniffles.
It can even be poured over vegetables, salads, and meat dishes as a dressing.